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The engagement is official. You have the ring. You have set the wedding date. You found the perfect venue. You have been fit for your wedding dress. You have been working on a 6-month long primping process to ensure that you look your best on your special day.

You have worked out every detail within your control. The next decision to make is to find a wedding photographer in Lancaster, PA. Now, you are weeding through the many photographers.



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You want to find someone who can provide the best service at an affordable price. Heck, you will even pay top price. Only one thing matters. You just don’t want them to mess up your wedding day.

One of the hardest things for a bride do is choose a professional photographer. This is because you will have little control over what they do on that special day. But, they will have the most important job. You won’t know how they performed until you see the pictures.

You only have control of who you pick and if you click. Pick someone to professionally photograph your wedding. Then explain the types of pictures you want. The rest is up to them.

They only have one shot to capture those perfect wedding moments. How do you know that they have the expertise? Good wedding photographers have skills in many types of photography. You will want a journalistic, documentary style for all the special moments. But, you will need formal photos, group photos, and some casual ones that show your personality too.


THE best wedding photographER FOR LANCASTER

Not everyone is an expert in all these styles. You don’t just want someone with a fancy digital SLR camera and flashy equipment. You want the photographer you hire to have an eye for details. You want them to understand lighting. You don’t want to end up with pictures where all the faces have shadows. You don’t want pictures that are grainy due to low light or have harsh lines do to bright flash.

You also want them to understand how to style a photo. We have all cringed when looking through a friend’s wedding album. Too often, you see strained poses and unnatural smiles. People look uncomfortable in every picture. It takes an artist to get people to let their guard down.

If you are looking for great, creative photography that you can trust, look no further. We know that you want someone who can give you photos you will cherish the rest of your life. We don’t just have a fancy camera. We have the creative services you have been trying to find.

You and your groom will be highly satisfied. The clients we have served have expressed high satisfaction with the final product. We will deliver beautifully edited pictures of all the meaningful moments you want to be captured. We won’t send you pictures that just seem a bit off.

There will be no missed moments or redo’s. You won’t be wishing we were ready or had noticed that perfect shot. We know that timing is everything. That’s why you won’t catch us resting on our laurel's or running out of battery without a back-up.

Everyone has heard horror stories of photographers who were not up for the job. A wedding day is not the time to show up unprepared or to get tired halfway through the day. The hardest working person at a wedding should be the photographer. They need to attend to every detail.

They need to notice when things are out of place and fix them to be ready for a shot. They need to have their camera ready for that perfect look, pose, or smile. They need to know how to capture the moment of, not the moment after.

We have experience doing shoots at many of the locations in and around the Lancaster, PA area. We have experience in indoor and outdoor locations. This means we will come prepared for the day. We will know what we need to do to get the shot we want at the moment it counts.

Our familiarity with these venues will come in handy when lighting is off. We can predict these issues and adjust long before that special kiss or epic cake smash. We won’t be blaming the light for photos that didn’t turn out. It will all be perfect. Just like you on your wedding day. So, if you are looking for a wedding photographer for Lancaster, PA, choose us.